Legend City is an energetic metatheatrical musical about broken-family-born Chance learning to have faith and believe in hope while trying to balance his creative dreams with his reckless emotions in order to find love.

Sitting at a desk, Chance reads the poem he has just written one more time. It is the overture to his idea for a musical. The words spur on his imagination and he enters into his own autobiographical story, the day he arrived in Littleton.

In effort to leave his past behind, Chance brings with him only his music and creative talents, hoping to get a job at a recording studio owned by the infamous Real-Life Records. Randy, the manager of the music studio, sends Chance to the local dance school to help him find a home for his music. Welcomed by all of the dancers, Chance becomes an integral part of their annual Christmas benefit production, “Offerings for Orphans”.

When Chance meets Grace, a talented dancer-singer, his heart is set to marry her. The two share their love for music and dance together, and they start dating. However, a corporate merger, a promoted boss, and an untimely audition all converge, threatening Chance’s relationship with Grace. When boy-hungry Maddox seizes the opportunity to make a move, Chance’s relational past starts to cycle again… the night before Grace leaves Littleton to star in a new show in the iconic Legend City.

After several months without Grace, Littleton’s 25th annual Christmas production is falling apart. Moreover, a rescinded corporate sponsorship threatens the Christmas production’s very existence, and Chance is driven to the verge. Only after a peculiar run in with an angel does Chance become determined to finish what he started.

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"It's real, it's genuine... it's not too little, it's not too much."

Tony Collins

Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

"It's gonna be very good. I'm excited to see new material!"

Kathy Rumfellow


"The lines are genius, and the music is genius!"

Rachael Knaps

Triple Threat Performer

Our Team


Justin Rayna


Sarita Rayna

Executive Producer