Take it to the next level. Elevate the emotional engagement of your next project or performance with original music.



Justin caters to dance, circus, and theatrical plays. His theatrical music deepens the emotional connection with the audience and draws them in as if they were on stage. His easy going personality and 20+ years of experience in composing and audio engineering allow him to truly listen and understand your goals while having the perspective and knowledge of how to make it come to fruition.

Justin was a remarkable asset when we were mounting a new production and he was able to display a completely other side of his talent, bring that to the table, and enable us to come up with something exciting and completely innovative. It's rare to find someone so adept in so may areas of the field.

John Dietrich

Director/Choreographer/Writer | NYU TISCH


Justin’s compositional specialties are offered to a variety of ensembles, including: Marching Band (especially Drum Line), Concert Band, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, and other Chamber Ensembles. Need to change or tweak your ensemble music? With Justin’s music, you can be confident that your next event will be an engaging one.



Justin absolutely exceeded my expectations. He truly has an ear for mixing, producing, and creating masterpieces. He is one of the hardest working musicians I know. 

Kaitlyn Hopkins

Choral Director Morristown-Hamblen High School West



Film Score
Do you need to enhance the mood or tone of your film or TV show? Justin’s film scores will elicit the desired emotion from your audience needed in key scenes.

Justin works very closely with his clients in order to deliver their overall vision. Soundtracks strategically leave the audience with a specific feeling and viewpoint of the film.
Justin’s specific and unique process of collaborating with his clients allows him to have a more holistic relationship and understanding of his clients and their goals. 

Justin wrote two piano compositions for my short film. Producing a film with very little dialogue, I relied on Justin's compositions to portray the story. Both of his compositions inspired the design, cinematography, and choreography of the entire piece.

Chelsea Beyl

Story Editor at Disney Junior